Gravity Impel

Enabling your employees to be on top of their game

Effective Employee Research has a new name – W3CAR. Gravity Impel's Workplace Workforce Watchdog Continuous Assessment Report and proprietary research is one of its kind of employee cum in-organizational research that for the first time truly delves deep into the organizational undercurrents to rationalize and propel the engine of your company to highest level of engagement, better business decisions and illustrious unity.

Qualitative Research that doesn't smells a rat

Gravity Impel's Qualitative research has teeths. Its not just research and taking responses but treading into the conscious, the sub-conscious layers of the mind, the feeling, the heart and soul of your customer to give you the insight that can truly impact. Shoot us an email with details of your requirement and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

Research starting from $0

Times have changed. There is no place for shallow research nor for inordinately high costs. Our research is utterly simple, bang-on precise, one hundred percent transparent and on top of all one that can potentially drive transformative results in your balance sheets through improved decision making. If that were by itself not enough, the cost is also a huge lure. Why would you after all pay twice for half, when you can actually pay half for double.

No obligation free trial

We have solutions for small and big organization alike. Size, location, language is absolutely no barrier. We will be happy to give a presentation as well as a free trial to a skeptic client for one to actually be able to compare it from all other research. Our confidence is so enormous, that we are pretty much glad to announce: Try first, Believe later. We're no fools but we trust your smartness to tell the gold from the old.