Gravity Impel Leadership Academy realizes the need & importance of recognition for performers, whether they are employees or employer or small & medium entrepreneur/ professional for excellence and job well done. Business awards can raise a company's profile, acknowledge work and effort, and provide improved expansion & networking opportunity.

GI Leadership Academy invites application from individual, companies, SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) for following awards. Whether you're an employer, an employee, a professional, small or medium enterprise, you can send in your application under any one or more of the following applicable category in any area/ domain of work. Only applicants shortlisted by our leadership academy will get to hear from us. If you're not shortlisted this time, you can still apply in another category or in subsequent year awards. Details are available only upon contact.

Best Employer Award 2013
Please send us a copy of your HR policy pertaining brief details about your employee hiring, appraisal, reward and engagement policy for the FY 2012-13.

Best Employee Award 2013
Employees can not nominate themselves and they must send their nomination through the right channel. Please send us the appraisal, performance report & achievement particulars of nominated employees.

Best Entrepreneur Award 2013
Applications invited from enterprises having 5 or above employees. Entrepreneurs can nominate themselves.

Small Business Award 2013
Applications invited from small and medium enterprises having turnover exceeding 10 lacs for small businesses and exceeding 50 lacs for medium enterprises located anywhere in India. You must present copy of last two year's audited balance sheet accompanied with a brief of your growth and key achievement in the FY 2012-13.

Best Customer Service Award 2013
Applications invited from companies nominating themselves for excellence in customer service. Applications will be considered from large companies, SMEs, independent professionals & consultants, small business in their respective area of work separately. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to send a brief report about their customer service policy and practices during the FY 2012-13.

Best Client Award 2013
Surprise your clients by nominating your favorite clients in this category. The good thing is that your client doesn't need to do anything. You however do need to send the details and experience of good vendor policies of your client for them to clinch this award as a nice surprise.

Please write to us if you wish to participate in the Gravity Impel Leadership Academy Superb Performance Recognition Awards. We will contact you seeking relevant information to evaluate your application.

Salient point of profit for awardees :
Awardees will obtain their performance trophy as token of honor.
Awardees will obtain appreciation letter / certificate from GI for excellence in their respective area of work.
Awardees can enlist and / or publish in writing or print particulars of their achievement in their website/ blog or resume/ profile after obtaining due permission from Gravity Impel management in written.
Credentials of all awardees will also be available online. Should their employer/ client wish to view or verify them, they can do so by entering awardees full name and Award code on our portal.

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