There is always a limitation of resources available. There is however no limit to learning, improvising & innovation, which together help us in creating new alternatives, improving our efficiency and scaling down cost. Ideas can emanate from anywhere. Somebody notices it. Someone else talks about it. A third person contemplates. A fourth creates. A fifth communicates. A sixth reviews. A seventh confuses. An eighth improvises. A ninth implements. This is why collective effort is so critical in pushing forward our goals. Few business managers may be wrongly of the view (many a times far more sub-consciously than consciously) that if something is somehow working someway, perhaps to not to touch it may be the only way to maintain balance, peace and success. Such a poor attitude of status quo demoralizes the morale of workforce. To think that trying to find about the problems will be like opening a can of worms however is far from true. The problems would not wither away if we did not notice or take stock of them. It is like the proverbial enduring myth about the ostrich burying its head in the sand to run away from the problem. The need of hour is a business management that is courageous to identify problems, issues and is flexible and open enough for feedback, criticism and review. When a management just does that, the onus is gradually now on the workforce to reciprocate with real issues, utilizable suggestions and improving the focus on core areas. This in the long run thereby creates an atmosphere of collective thinking and collective decision making.

Getting at the bottom of the problem places the HR to routinely track the pulse of the most dynamic asset of the company to gauge the best strategy to tackle the problems and issues in the office, organization from micro to macro level. Be it the leaking water dispenser, lack of hygiene in the pantry, to complex issues pertaining to technology, automation, administration or reaction to new management policies, you have everything placed upon the table. There is no hiding, assuming or judging by anything but the collective sense. This gives the management the leverage to forge necessary strategies, implement plans, understand complex trouble areas with objectivity & detachment without the personal prejudices to arrive at easy solutions to complex problems and contribute to the best overall that it can do.

Gravity Impel's approach is structured upon the principle of collective sense and collaborative problem solving.

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