It is the newness and lack of awareness of 'Workplace Workforce Watchdog' instrument as developed by Gravity Impel that it can be easily confused with employee satisfaction / engagement survey. Our 'WWWCAR' forms and reports are not a employee satisfaction survey.

While most employee engagement research do try to gauge the employee's attitude towards their job, co-workers & organization to establish a relationship with their willingness to stay in the organization and contribute. This is a more modernized version of employee satisfaction. Every research company has same or similar (nearly identical) set of 100 or so questions which are being injected in new order or new wordings with some additions/ deletions here and there. Innovation and substance seem to be losing in the fiercely competitive market where well marketed mediocrity may triumph more often than it should.

Employee engagement & satisfaction surveys are good and do reflect an employee's attitudes toward company, work, co-workers broadly but it doesn't brings to fore what is really causing what. It skims the surface but fails to touch the root underneath. It establishes an index but misses the insight. No doubt employee engagement surveys serve their own role & utility for any company which is undeniable nor it is our intent to undermine their credibility altogether. However WWWCAR and a typical employee engagement survey are a completely different ballgame serving two different needs of an organization, therefore to compare the two any further is not desirable but a few points below are noteworthy.

Employee satisfaction survey tells you there is a problem, WWWCAR lists them in great detail. Employee survey tells you that something needs to be done. WWWCAR points bang-on in the direction in which changes are to me made. Employee satisfaction survey belongs to a time which was preceded by a time where no such specialized survey existed. Something was better than nothing. Which is why employee satisfaction surveys have become redundant now. WWWCAR is the advanced stage of employee satisfaction survey and certainly the call of today.

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