We are continually looking for right people in marketing, corporate sales, copywriting, research & analysis. If you are looking to work with a company that is creative, client focused and one which gives you several opportunity to learn and challenge yourself, then we want to hear from you. If you are not called in for an interview at this time, rest assured we will keep your credentials on file for future reference. We always welcome resourceful people with out of box ideas and good corporate networking for business development & operation expansion to join us in our team in management and leadership roles.

Please mark your resume to career@gravityimpel.com

Employee Owned company
Gravity Impel aspires to be truly an employee-owned company. We offer the opportunity to every high performance employee to be a stakeholder in the organization where the stake and shareholding is directly linked with contribution and performance.

No bar whatsoever for a performer
Gravity Impel is an equal opportunity employer but also understands that a real talent may some times be buried under lack of right educational qualification, experience etc which is why we are always looking for performers than those sitting on heap of their previous success. What impresses us more about you is your robust planning and confidence about what you can and will do, than what you have previously accomplished. In other words, we are more keen to see your plans & blueprint for our mutual success than a fancy resume. If you have a blueprint for how you will help Gravity Impel expand and grow if you are made an addition in our team, then you can climb the ladder of your personal success as illustriously as you would like to. Perhaps it is possible to rise up to the highest position of leadership in a rather short span of time, if you really are a self-driven person with enormous confidence, resourcefulness and you mange to drive desired results invariably somehow. Age, experience, educational qualification, race, gender, national origin, location, veteran status, marital status, is no barrier for those gem amongst pebbles. Get in touch with us. We are looking for you.

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