GI is an independent, thirty-party research and consulting company which strictly adheres to standard research policies pertaining to privacy and business and research ethics & values. We are bound by our own code of confidentiality and fair business practices. GI is committed to complete confidentiality of research and ensures the same which is reflected in its processes.

GI is innovative. We do not employ redundant tools nor inject same repetitive set of theoretical questions with little or limited relevance in practice. Our research is bang-on, trying to touch the heart & core of real issues of real relevance that have potential of making significant difference.

GI is far more cost effective than any research company. It enlists innovation, technology, simplification, cost efficiency, lowest margins as tools to offer you a research that is many times more simple, focused, customized at a fraction of price of the competition.

GI is flexible. We work closely with each & every client to understand their needs and situation. Our research hits off the moment a client approaches us.

GI gives you transparency and access to data instead of expecting from you to base your vital business decisions on trust. We let you make decisions based on facts, neither faith nor fancy.

GI is a reliable partner that targets building long lasting relationship with its clients and work with them to learn, grow and prosper together.

GI is a boon for any smart company which targets more impact and frankly thinks that the cost of these outdated large research companies is a burden in these fiercely competitive times amid global recessionary trends. GI is an answer to what you seek.

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