Culmination of Gravity Impel Leadership Academy.
Gravity Impel hunt for those who have it in them to be leaders and subsequently groom & polish them to be certified leaders arose after a long research into the matter and the responses obtained from various employees through debriefs & constant exposure into the working of organizations and systematic study of employee factor, workplace dynamics and how the supervisors, managers, executives led their men as well as handled problems and initiated significant changes. A common theme arose that a lot of leadership is purely being just talked about and the norm is either a master-peasant relationship of sorts in case of some managers who would rather be content to take orders from those above them in hierarchy with an attitude resembling colonial servitude of sorts and subsequently expect the same servitude & flattery from those below in hierarchy than have courage to take chivalrous stances and stand tall in face of challenges & resistance and take complete accountability of their roles. Another common theme of leadership was more or less based on aloofness and arrogance, which tried to impose things with either airs or by instilling some kind of intimidation and in some cases coupled with some kind of wheedling or manipulation. Gravity Impel realized the need for injecting more positive, towering and effective leadership into the corporate mainstream. A wide dissemination of in-organizational, workplace, workforce and management issues was a training platform by itself for GI that kind of empowered us to empower a whole lot of others. By working closely with Industry's leading leadership coaches, GI designed Leadership programs that could make effective difference.

GI Leadership Certification is done at three levels :
Level A : This is the first level of leadership. This is for students and entry level executives.
Level S : This is advanced senior level of leadership. This is directly for people placed in management positions in their organization. Those who have cleared Level A are also eligible to apply.
Level L : This is the highest leadership level. This is directly for people placed in top management positions like CEO/ CFO/ MD/Vice-President. Those who have cleared Level S are also eligible to apply.


Educational Institutions : Schools, colleges, vocational colleges, all sort of educational institutions engaged in imparting undergraduate/ graduate & post-graduate level of courses to their students in any area, any field
Corporate & other organizations : Corporate, private organizations, govt. bodies & public sector undertakings, other organizations who would want to sponsor all or a section of their employees/ executives.
Individual Students / Executives : A leadership program can take you career places and the kind of bearing it can have in your pay cheque and designation over next few years can be pretty impressive.

This is a four fold process:

Recognition : Applicants will be screened if they really have in it them to be selected for training. Basis a leadership profiling test / written & on phone/ in-person, only selected candidates will advance to the next level given they have something in them that can be worked upon. We can not make bricks without clay.

Training : Training consists of workshops by leading leadership coaches. You will have extensive dealing with your different mentors on a range of significant leadership quotient.

Polishing : This part comprises of first hand interaction with industry leaders, go behind the scenes, interact with the men wearing the finest bow ties in town, work on leadership case studies, prepare a small leadership project report and be presented with a leadership diary for life.

Testing : A written, oral, stage, live situational test which will enable you to earn your leadership report card and a certificate. This is signed by all the leadership coaches who mentored you as well by the Director of the GI Leadership Academy with our seal. Top performers will also earn a medal and a leadership trophy.

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