Course Objective:
Gravity Impel provides leadership training program for Industry leaders, managers, executives as well as potential leaders amongst students & fresher. We hold workshops to this end. GI works closely with some of India's leading leadership coaches. Your insight, your confidence, your approach, your preparedness will never be the same after this. You will be brought face to face with several actual everyday professional situations and you will be groomed mentally, emotionally and psychologically to handle problems in such a way as to make a mark. There will be great dissemination of vital pragmatic information on leadership, individual as well as collective interchange between you and your various coaches.

Earned with sheer performance, not for sale.
If you're in management :
This training can give you the big push that can set the ball rolling. Barring people from top / senior management, all entry into the program is strictly by merit based on a short written test. GI is pretty discreet and realizes the acute criticality of ensuring that these certificates reach rightful hands, therefore we would not hand over our certified leader certificates unless we are certain that one is potentially worthy of being in the workshop. Beside even if one manages to secure a seat, there is no guarantee that he/she will be certified after the training unless one has not made his/her leadership mark. Those who do not will only be granted a certificate of participation in all the leadership workshops attended by them. Please note that leadership certificates are not for sale here. They are earned by true leaders of men. Gravity Impel has a rigorous screening, training, testing mechanism. Credentials of all participants will also be available online. Should your employer/ client wish to view or verify them, they can do so by entering your full name or unique identity number on our portal.

If you're a student or fresher : This is a must for an aspiring leader who seeks a management or leadership position at an entry level. Our various workshop across 48 hours load you to charge full steam ahead with a confidence that might hypnotically freeze your employer into choosing you among many and fill you with all necessary skills that spell awesome success. This is especially important for business graduates in any discipline but nearly equally useful for other professionally trained post-graduates such as engineers, software professionals, media, education, medicine or any other. After all leadership is central to climbing up the hierarchy no matter which industry or which field. Entry to course is based on merit through a written & oral entry test. If your interested, fill in the test below and send it to us along with your resume. We also provide a certificate to all successful candidates. You may be physically located anywhere in world to apply for online course. In-person trainings are currently held only in New Delhi.

You will also get a leadership report card with your total score as well as score on respective leadership set of skills. The report card will be signed by the Director of GI, who is ex officio principal and will have signs of your teachers which will be India's leading industrial psychologists, renowned success trainers, leadership coach. Every issued certificate will generate an UID which will enable any prospective employer/ client if they so desire to verify your credentials from the Gravity Impel portal.

Workshop Inclusions :

Day 1: Leadership Personality Workshop conducted by a renowned corporate psychologist. (9 AM – 5 PM).
Day 2: 8 Hour Leadership Strategy & Line of Attack Workshop conducted by a renowned leadership coach. (9 AM – 5 PM)
Day 3: 8 Hour Leadership Problem Solving & Impacting Workshop conducted by a renowned leadership coach & motivational speaker. (9 AM – 5 PM)
Day 4: Interaction with Industry leaders. (9 AM – 5 PM)
Day 5: Exam : Written = 75 Marks, Oral = 50 Marks, Group Discussion = 50 Marks, Situational Test = 75 Marks, Stage Presentation = 25 Marks, Project Report = 25 Marks (9 AM – 5 PM)

Day 6: Results, Honors, Certification

Program Fees : Level A = INR 20,000
20 + Students Sponsored by Institution = INR 10,500 PP
50 + Students Sponsored by Institution = INR 9,000 PP

Program Fees : Level S = INR 20,000 27,500
20 + Executives Sponsored by Organization = INR 15,500 PP
50 + Executives Sponsored by Organization = INR 12,500 PP

Program Fees : Level L = INR 45,000 50,000
20 + Executives Sponsored by Organization = INR 32,000 PP
50 + Executives Sponsored by Organization = INR 28,000 PP

*PP : Per Person

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