Workplace Workforce Watchdog is a new concept. Innovative and unique to HR Solutions is Workplace Workforce Watchdog Continuous Assessment Report (WWWCAR) (Patent Pending). Offered by no other company in the industry, WWWCAR® allows management to periodically asses the various employee issues whose apt resolution can be central and pivotal to enable the successful furtherance of organizational goals with unhindered force.

Workplace Workforce Watchdog is forum for your fellow-workers to lodge in a range of their issues which hamper their performance or well-being at work. It tries to identify the core areas of their problems which might be causing dissatisfaction or diverting them from the work. It with a neutrality of a third party tries to gauge the dynamics of internal office relationships, their concerns with various policy changes or important management decisions. From the most trivial and petty issues such as water leaking from the water dispenser for instance, to more complex and larger concerns, the employee is enabled to share their opinion, concerns, feedback & suggestion and highlight the very health, atmosphere and mood of the workforce as well as the workplace. Through a series of very skillfully drafted questions, it is able to capture the whole mood, pulse and problems in the workplace while at the same time it also highlights what is working well and what policies, decisions, instruments are motivating them or driving them to focus on their work goals with more resilience and clarity of purpose. Many a times a visibly clear handy resolution is quite apparent for the management team to identify and work onto.

WWWCAR should be your first line of attack to attain a high degree of employee efficiency & employee engagement. It lends your fellow worker the opportunity to share his/her take with you on just every issue that diverts his/her focus in pursuing the organization's goal with best of his/her abilities. It helps them share not just the problem, but also what is working well with them and also express their suggestions and resolution plan (if any). It gives them the opportunity as a stake holder to share their heart & mind without fear of being noticed and thus placing in hands of management the very data upon which they can assess the total health of their workforce & the workplace. It is a boon for management in a way that they have the real things in depth and detail before them and thus they are then in the best position to put in place their best strategies. The data over a period of time forms a basis of comparative analysis of the trends and gives the management the very whole picture to identify the signs of weakness and strength. A good Manager will be able to do much with this data and time their moves with resounding effect.

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