We are
a workplace workforce watchdog. A research, consulting & training company that specializes chiefly in one of its kind of employee surveys as well as one that monitors employee and workplace issues across a range of areas that have a close bearing on the performance of each employee and success of the team. We also do qualitative research of most kind for any client whose goal in a such a data collection is utmost integrity, transparency, accuracy and innovation. We're a humble micro team of humans who love what they do and do what they love. At gravity Impel, the joke is to half-seriously and half-humorously refer each other as cerebral parasites.

We do also employee profiling for our clients, leadership training for corporate honchos, business graduates and students to create an army of empowered employees and business generals who radiate awe and inspire.

We believe employees are humans and not a unit and as humans are influenced by their emotions, work environment, office relationships,. They perform under pressure, shine with motivation and get diverted and unfocussed with problems, harassment, poor policies or management apathy to know their real issues affecting them and the success of the organization for they're after all the driving force in the big or small success or failure of a company.

We understand that as an inherent core most and most dynamic part of the organization, the employees may have some of the best ideas, feedback and hands on first-rate experience of various issues touching them, their workplace or organizational goals vis-à-vis any external management guru or a world class trainer.

We work as a neutral bridge between them and the management to place the real issues of their employees and the workplace across a range of vital domain concerning them and their work environment and their suggestion, vote and feedback before the management to give them something really real to work upon and forge apt strategies.

We aim to be an effective company, rather than a large company.

We have loads of exciting ideas and as an organization we run our business centered around our committed belief in working for things which are intrinsically good, and not just because they stand a chance to succeed.

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