Innovation : Innovation is widely perceived as something which involves a chain of processes, something that only a genius mind can invent, practice and rationalize. This is just opposite of what Innovation means. Innovation means to simplify what is complicated. The invention of wheel was an innovation over existing method of surface transportation then. There was nothing really extraordinary about wheel. It was a simple execution and application of the basic laws of gravitation & friction. Likewise our proprietary research question are simple and normal questions and not rocket science. But they are well thought out based on psychology of employee behavior and potential problem areas or key areas in workplace that have a crushing impact on performance.

Detailed v/s formality : Employee research has become a formality due to lack of insight. What do you do when you go to a doctor. Would you feel confidence in a doctor, who just asks you questions which can be answered in mere yes/no/cant say or 5 point scale. Do you have pain in your chest ? How do you rate the pain on 5 point scale. Questions as these though useful only skim the surface but tell nothing about the problem. If the doctor did not wish to enquire about the problems, your own assessment of the pain, its nature, intensity, frequency, your own various assumptions of what might have caused it, what is your medical history, your whole story of what happened and every piece of information that you have within that you're eager to share with him/her that you think may be relevant, he/she will never win your confidence in him/her that he knows what he must to base his/her advise. Once the doctor has evinced complete interest and heard you sufficiently and smiles at you, you know your problem has probably been detected and it's a matter of time when you will be all well. Your problem is already half over. The case of your employee is similar. He wants to share with you his story in detail, he wants you to hear his problem, nature, intensity, frequency, his story of what might be causing it and his own suggestion of what might remedy it. You ignore his/her problems and he/she not only loses confidence on you but also remains a sick employee unable to devote his/her best to the organization. But once he is heard, he feels free and a confidence in you that over a period of time you shall remedy it so that he can give you his/ her best. Your employees are your family and you're the head of the family. The success, harmony and prosperity depends upon taking everyone along, hear everyone, solve problems that hinder the path of success and motivate them to combine their force & initiative to lead the organization to the crest of success that the organization aspires.

Periodic : This is to establish a pattern. To continue the same example of what happens when we go to the doctor. Just as we go to our family doctor for a routine checkup every few months to keep a close tab on our overall fitness and health so that we can lead our lives fully with freedom and without doubt. A periodic assessment is very useful in study of the pattern and comparative analysis over a period of time. Beside it gives the doctor the opportunity to nip in bud any complication that may arise pertaining to your health before it flares up to the point that you get sick and spend far too much time, money, good health and energy afterwards in its remedy.

Administering Advantage: Our online platform makes the whole process pretty easy to administer. We send our mails on Friday and thereby give your employees the time to dwell and introspect and to share their views in as much detail as possible and send their filled forms by first Monday evening after that weekend. Although these forms do not take so much time to fill and yet by giving them sufficient time of 3 days across the weekend, we ensure the following :
(a) They have sufficient time to reflect on the questions and finally share their views in detail, than to just answer as briefly and hurriedly as possible without time for introspection.
(b) We understand that every moment of your employee has a money as well as opportunity cost for the employer. Therefore by giving them the whole weekend other than a weekday, we make sure that they are able to attend to their urgent business assignments and our research does not interferes with their urgent business work. They have after all also the weekend to send in their answers.

Cost Advantage: The completely online platform has a huge repercussion on cost effectiveness of our processes vis-à-vis the paper survey and thereby enables us to save your as well as our time and money and offer you all this at a fraction of a standard paper based research. After all this is what innovation is supposed to do, to drive to clear results to see, save cost, making processes simple. As a small company, we do not have elaborate structures and overheads that helps us pass the advantage to our clients. You only pay for what you use than to finance heavy overheads of a pseudo sufficiently old and large company.

Confidence Advantage: We are not a very huge company worth a handful of millions or billions, nor we have offices all over the civilized world or thousands of employees across the globe. Just as a home made food is far cheap, suited to our specific health, taste and dietary needs vis-à-vis an exotic meal ordered from a star hotel which may have more decoration, less substance, more price, less utility, more spicy/tangy but less suited for good health. We're focused in our core area of competence of understanding and analyzing the behavior of the most dynamic part of the organization, its driving force, its people. We just try to help you neutrally learn their views, know their problems, hear their suggestions and identify their level of engagement with their work as well with their current employer and thus place with you the vital cues to strengthen the very force that can drive your organization to its goals with full force. We're focused in what we do. We're passionate about we do and we have set ourselves only one goal which is to help you achieve your goals. We do not use weird and too many novel sounding measurement and analysis instruments of little value. We use very simple processes and try to make things as easy and as transparent as possible to save you the time and effort and hit the target with confidence and precision. We're a very young, small company but we're confident of what we do, and how we can transform some of your processes with great impact.

Review Advantage: You have access to the whole data much unlike what other research company offer you where you have to rely solely on their reports and you can never tell the lapses in data collection, data coding or report making. After all you don't spend so much money to eventually only base your conclusion on sheer trust. Trust is good. But any shrewd manager will any day prefer transparency over trust in the execution of the whole process. He/she would like to see, hear and read whatever, wherever and whenever he/she deems imperative than to just accept the conclusions made hitherto by a third party. We place you all the data (without identity) on our hub which you can gain access to with a login id and password provided by us. We of course give you a report too after the coding process for your review.

Subjective vis-à-vis Objective: No 10, 12 objective questions based on 5 point rating alone can offer a deep insight on the problems, issues or engagement. 5 point & 7 point rating scales are redundant instruments of the past. They were used when the employee research began. However the pattern of questions or the measurement had remained unchanged in most employee research. WWWCAR is the need of the hour.

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